Raspberry Upside Down Cake

27 Oct



Zorica made this raspberry upside down cake with whipping cream on top.

Thank you Zorica for a delicious tasting cake. We had it with our coffee this morning!



Knedlje from Croatia (plum filled)

2 Oct

Is this a dessert or a savoury delicacy? Well it’s up to you to decide! My mom’s friend, Zorica made these delectable delights yesterday at her home. She called me and asked me to come over to try a few. To my utter delight, I was blessed with delicious tasting Croatian morsels of knedlje!

These can be a dessert if you drizzle organic maple syrup all over them. Zorica liked putting organic cane crystals on top. She showed me a more savoury way of eating them too. She put a dollop of sour cream on top with the maple syrup which gave it a sweet and savoury taste.



A Salad Made in Croatia

9 Mar

We stopped in a town called Krapina, famous for its Roman Baths. In this small town, we discovered a nice restaurant near the museum where the neanderthals are displayed. After enjoying this lovely salad, wine and chicken, we went to explore the caves, a short climb from the restaurant. We stood in the caves and pretended we were back in time and wondered what it was like for the cave dwellers.


Limoncello Biscotti Cheesecake with Lemon Spread and Lemon Honey Brittle

30 Jun

Limoncello Biscotti Cheesecake with Lemon Spread and Lemon Honey Brittle

I entered this recipe in the Real Women of Philadelphia Cheesecake of the Year Contest.


Orahnjaca (Walnut Roll)

13 May

Orahnjaca (Walnut Roll)

We were served this delicious walnut roll in Croatia while visiting a cousin’s house. Yes, we enjoyed the Adriatic coast and all its splendor but the Orahnjaca is sublime as well.


Wild Boar with Gnocchi

13 May

Wild Boar with Gnocchi

This dish is one that we were served at a Croatian wedding at 2:30 a.m. The courses are served intermittently between dancing.


Philly Italian Lemon Ice

5 Nov

Philly Italian Lemon Ice

Lucija (aged 10) says, “It tastes like cheesecake ice-cream!”
This recipe won the grand prize for the Savour the Summer Contest at the Real Women of Philadelphia Website.
Here’s the link for the photo-



Roast Beef Supper Sandwich

31 Aug

Roast Beef Supper Sandwich

This sandwich has all the components of a roast beef supper. It has mashed potatoes, mushy peas and gravy in a submarine sandwich bun.


Retro Banana Split Cheesecake made by Lily Erlic (as seen on the RWOP website)

20 Aug



This is seen on the Real Women of Philadelphia website. To get the recipe go here: