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Philly Italian Lemon Ice

5 Nov

Philly Italian Lemon Ice

Lucija (aged 10) says, “It tastes like cheesecake ice-cream!”
This recipe won the grand prize for the Savour the Summer Contest at the Real Women of Philadelphia Website.
Here’s the link for the photo-https://www.pinterest.com/erlic/httprealwomenphillycanadacomrecipesview4143164phil/


19 Sep

This is my entry for the Cheesecake of the Year Competition at the realwomenof philadelphia.ca.
Here’s the link:



Turkey Magic box burgers

17 Aug

Do you like turkey burgers? If you do, then try these. Here is the website:

I created this video for PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese. I hope you like it.

Tuna at Pikes Place Market

11 Aug

Have you ever shopped at Pikes Place Market in Seattle? My husband and I have been there to buy tuna, lobster and fresh pasta. The fish market is buzzing with chatter. The fishmongers throw fish across the counter to each other shouting so that the consumers can get their interest peaked. They asked me to hold the tuna. It was heavy but fun to do. This is a great technique to get the customer to purchase. It worked for us as we took a tuna home with us. I carried it four blcoks to our hotel in a box with ice.

This is the tuna we bought at the market.

Barbecuing at Shawnigan Lake

5 Aug

For BC day weekend, our family went up to Shawnigan Lake where we spent the days, wake surfing, wake boarding, paddle surfing, riding in the boat and enjoying barbecue. Here are some of the morsels we devoured!