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Raspberry Walnut Almond Crumble

2 Mar


This simple recipe is delicious! In a small bowl mix 1 cup almond meal, one cup walnut meal, one cup coconut sugar, a pinch of salt, 1/2 of honey and 1 cup granola. Secret ingredient is olive oil. Add half a cup of olive oil to this mix and stir well and press over a casserole full of raspberries. Bake this for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.



Salted-Caramel Chocolate Cup recipe was chosen to be published in this book

28 Sep

Announcement – Celtic Sea Salt’s cookbook is published. Here it is:

Wedding Open House

17 Jul

On on the weekend we went to an Irish wedding open house where the groom’s parents hosted.  Their caterer wax fantastic! Here are some of the samples of the delicacies that they served  Bread and Butter catering service provided wonderful appetizers!

Check them out here: http://www.breadandbuttercatering.ca

Welcome to Gourmand Foodie!

22 Jul

This foodie blog is all about recipes, new food products and food culture! Gourmand, is french for an individual who appreciates drinking and eating…Foodie is a general term used for a person who loves everything about food. In this blog, there will be pictures of many different kinds of foods. I will be travelling all over the world and going to restaurants that serve food from different cultures. So stay tuned.