Raspberry Upside Down Cake

27 Oct



Zorica made this raspberry upside down cake with whipping cream on top.

Thank you Zorica for a delicious tasting cake. We had it with our coffee this morning!



Knedlje from Croatia (plum filled)

2 Oct

Is this a dessert or a savoury delicacy? Well it’s up to you to decide! My mom’s friend, Zorica made these delectable delights yesterday at her home. She called me and asked me to come over to try a few. To my utter delight, I was blessed with delicious tasting Croatian morsels of knedlje!

These can be a dessert if you drizzle organic maple syrup all over them. Zorica liked putting organic cane crystals on top. She showed me a more savoury way of eating them too. She put a dollop of sour cream on top with the maple syrup which gave it a sweet and savoury taste.


9th Annual Local Island Showcase

20 Jul

Sampling many delicious items and having tons of fun meeting people, I was thrilled to have tasted many of the food samples at this event. Located every year beside Pepper’s grocery store in Victoria, BC, this event is a great opportunity to taste the best local food!

Below are photos of the Pig roast. There was a long line up to try the succulent pork meat, compliments from Berryman Farms. Lori Kliman is shown passing out samples of her Betterwith ice cream in cute mini cones!

Bocconcini Basil Appetizer

27 Apr


Bocconcini, basil and cherry tomato appetizer was served at my son’s graduation party. My sister-in-law Lisa made this for the party. It was Delish!


Delish Appetizer!

27 Apr

Bocconcini cheese, Basil and Cherry tomatoes on mini skewers were delicious served at my son’s graduation party. My sister-in-law Lisa made them. She drizzled balsamic vinegar over it all!


Mango Cake with Passion Fruit Cream

28 Mar

This piece of cake was given to me.  The mango pieces and syrup and passion fruit cream was also given to me. So I cut the cake into a square then drizzled the mango pieces and syrup on top of the cake. Then I carefully put a dollop of passion fruit cream on top. Then another friend suggested a garnish of mint! So needless to say this was a community effort well worth it. My favourite part,2385B25F-B25E-4383-B524-90067AA504A8.jpegthe scrumptious passion fruit cream is beyond words..

Spinach Apple Chia Smoothie

6 Mar

Breakfast could not look greener! Think green! Green rules for breakfast! All you need is two handfuls of spinach, 1 apple, cored and 1 tablespoon ground chia. Place it in the blender and add water to cover. Mix until smooth. Some days I add a teaspoon of honey!