Giant Pumpkin for Halloween!

3 Nov

One day, I walked into my local grocery store where I spotted a gigantic pumpkin! I entered the contest. They asked me to guess the weight of the heavy pumpkin. I thought of my niece and guessed she was about 67 pounds so I doubled this number and guessed 134lbs. They called me from the store and told me I had won! They told me that I was only 2 lbs off and that the pumpkin weighed 132 lbs. I was glad to particpate because the money raised for each ticket and guess went to my favorite charity, BC CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL.

The guys at the store carried it to my car. When I got home, my strong boys carried it inside to the entrance way. The children on Halloween night enjoyed looking at the now Jack o’Latern, complete with a face. They loved the enormity of the pumpkin!

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to contemplate making strudel or sauté with the pumpkin. And yes, I will share with my relatives and friends!IMG_0750


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